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Your customers trust in you to provide them with timely information to help keep their workplaces and businesses safe. It’s a monumental task, made even more difficult by the pressures to reduce cost, improve speed, maintain relevance, and grow your business.

Equifax is the leading wholesale data and court research provider to the screening industry. Our premier suite of solutions, available as part of the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax, enhances efficiency, reduces costly unwanted data, and expands the breadth and quality of your service offerings. An experienced team, innovative solution set, and commitment to partnership make us the provider of choice for hundreds of CRAs.

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Empowering CRAs to Grow Through Innovation

We’re committed to offering innovative solutions to CRAs that reduce workforce risk, keep communities safe, and improve employer hiring practices. Select a solution area for more information.

Workforce Safety

The safety of employees, customers, and the community is enhanced when employers are informed of indicators of fraud, theft, and violence throughout the employee lifecycle.

Our pre-hire pointer solutions enhance the quality and effectiveness of background checks, while our post-hire monitoring solutions provide near real-time alerts on potential new serious crimes within an active workforce or contractor list.

School and Volunteer Safety

Nonprofits, churches, and schools have an elevated responsibility to maintain effective background screening protocols; when vulnerable populations are at risk, timely criminal data is essential.

With our suite of data solutions, background screeners are enhancing the thoroughness of the applicant vetting process and alerting these organizations when a volunteer may have been arrested for a new crime that threatens the safety and livelihood of many.

Tenant Screening

Help your clients avoid past due rent, property damage, disgruntled neighbors, and costly evictions. The cost of a bad renter is high, but the cost of a bad tenant screening process could be even higher.

The TotalVerify data hub offers tenant screeners access to timely pointer data that enhances the quality and efficiency of their research.

Credentialing and Compliance

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to ensure their workforce is competent and capable of providing high-quality services without presenting high levels of risk to patients, employees, or the business.

We provide a broad suite of solutions and services that help the healthcare industry maintain high standards of care, keep patients safe, and protect organizations from penalties and lawsuits.

A Commitment to Partnership

Your success is our priority. As a partner, you will receive support from our account management, marketing, product, and technical support teams, empowering you to grow your business.

Our team is a trustworthy and confidential source of industry knowledge and skills. Our partners also receive exclusive access to our Partner Center with resources, training courses, and marketing toolkits, enabling the growth of your business.

Because we never compete with CRAs, we can provide collaborative support with the shared understanding that when you succeed, we succeed.

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Better Background Screens Start with Risk Intelligence

CRAs count on us to power smarter background checks and comprehensive post-hire criminal monitoring. We call our suite of solutions for background screeners Risk Intelligence™. Select a Risk Intelligence product below to learn more.
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