Entitlement Fraud & Overpayments

Prevent, detect, and recover ineligible payments for entitlement programs

Stop Cutting Checks to Ineligible Recipients

Incarceration impacts eligibility with nearly all public benefit programs. State government agencies face significant challenges when determining eligibility and distributing benefits to individuals moving in and out of incarceration.

Agencies spend hours, days, and even weeks attempting to locate and monitor individuals in various stages of the incarceration lifecycle. As a result of unreliable and incomplete data, a general lack of agency resources, and inefficient processes, agencies consistently pay out billions of dollars in ineligible or fraudulent entitlement benefits each year.

Fast and reliable access to incarceration data can help your agency stay ahead of overpayments. Our Incarceration Intelligence™ solution, part of the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax, provides access to the largest incarceration database in the nation to help agencies stop improper payments before they happen.

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Helps agencies determine whether to suspend or terminate premium payments to MCOs when a beneficiary is incarcerated for a certain length of time.

Unemployment Insurance

Helps agencies decide whether incarceration during the previous week impacts “able and available” requirements.


Helps agencies prevent the loading of improper SNAP dollars to beneficiaries’ cards when they become incarcerated.

Child Support

Helps child support agencies address challenges, such as parental incarceration, modification of support obligations, and uncollectible debt by providing valuable pointer data for their internal investigations.

Near Real-Time Monitoring of New Criminal Justice Activity

Through Incarceration Intelligence, agencies are able to place “watches” on their beneficiary or claimant lists by providing relevant data to the TotalVerify data hub. Watches enable agencies to continually monitor benefit recipients and send an alert with valuable pointer information to help determine if a recipient has been booked into jail. 

Our Incarceration Intelligence solution gives agencies access to timely data through a single information source. Automatically monitor specific populations, such as Medicaid beneficiaries, unemployment insurance claimants, hard-to-locate non-custodial parents, SNAP/TANF beneficiaries, state licensees, and probationers/parolees for your internal investigations.

Implementations can be customized and configured for your state’s benefit eligibility criteria. Incarceration Intelligence works by matching our incarceration data against your provided benefit recipient data to assist in your internal investigations to determine if one of your recipients has been, or is currently, incarcerated. Once validated from the source, your agency can review whether the individual-in-question qualifies for payment.

Our incarceration database allows for alerts on the following:

  • Booking into an incarceration facility
  • Serving a certain length of stay (e.g., 6 months)
  • Release from an incarceration facility
Booking area for an incarceration facility
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