Solutions for Tenant Screeners

Reduce unwanted data with better tenant screening solutions

Better Tenant Screening is Possible

The cost of a bad renter is high, but the cost of a bad tenant screening process could be even higher. The TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax offers tenant screeners access to valuable pointer data that can optimize their internal research process.

Credit reports alone provide an incomplete picture of applicant risk. Supplementing a credit check with other indicators of person-based risk helps tenant screeners provide a more comprehensive screening package. Our solutions for tenant screeners include pointer products that analyze:

  • Previous bankruptcies
  • Court-ordered evictions
  • Address history
  • Nationwide criminal activity
  • Recent criminal convictions
  • Sex offender status

We provide solutions that help you identify risks, find high-quality renters, and move them in faster.

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Choosing the Right Tenant Screening Data Partner Makes a Difference

Are you getting the most of your vendor relationships? We take pride in providing best-in-class data products via a partner success model designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Move Renters in Faster

Ensure the best applicants are screened and approved quickly.

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Reduce False Positives 

Providing data with higher confidence is at the core of every solution and workflow, preventing irrelevant alerts and investigative dead-ends.

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Identify Bad Actors

Help reduce the threat of evictions, protect your investments, and keep your residents safe.

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Comprehensive Provider

Consolidate your provider of eviction, bankruptcy, criminal, and court data.

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Trusted Partnership

We are a true wholesale provider with no competitive risk. When you succeed, we succeed.

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Resources to Succeed

Our account, marketing, product, and technical teams are here to support your goals.

Improving Tenant Screening with Timely, Better Data

The TotalVerify data hub provides tenant screening providers with comprehensive criminal and civil data solutions. Our suite of pointer products help you complete checks quicker, reduce unwanted data, and improve the quality of your tenant screening program. Select a product to learn more.
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Comprehensive Criminal and Civil Data Solutions

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