Make better-informed decisions with accurate, extensive people-based risk intelligence data and differentiated verification solutions

Education Verification

Electronically obtain information about a consumer's education with data sourced from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

Property Verification

Using county-level property tax data, our database can help you verify an applicant's property history within seconds.

Social Security Verification

Quickly and confidently confirm identity information any time in just seconds with the SSA Authentication Report.

Verification of Income and Employment

Get instant income and employment information to verify applicant-provided data to help you make faster, more informed decisions. 

Law Enforcement Investigations

Access timely criminal records and notify investigators of new criminal activity with direct connections to 2,800 incarceration facilities across the country. 

Victim Safety (VINE)

Help victims stay informed about their offender’s whereabouts to deliver peace of mind through regular updates about their offender’s incarceration status.
Social Services

Continuity of Benefits

Leverage data across the incarceration lifecycle to help ensure continuity of benefits and successful post-incarceration transitions.

Entitlement Fraud

Fast and reliable access to the largest incarceration database can help your agency stay ahead of overpayments. 
Compliance and Screening

Healthcare Compliance

Find solutions that help the healthcare industry maintain high standards of care, keep patients safe, and protect organizations.

School and Volunteer Safety

Help organizations run efficient, more secure volunteer programs with pre-hire screening and post-hire monitoring solutions.

Tenant Screening

Leverage pointer data solutions to help complete checks quicker, reduce unwanted data, and move renters in faster. 

Workplace Safety

Help clients enhance the quality and effectiveness of their background checks through our suite of pre-hire solutions.