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We Understand the Challenges Law Enforcement Officials Face Every Day

Law enforcement agencies know that access to timely and comprehensive data is critical to solving investigations and operating efficiently. Too often antiquated technology, data roadblocks, and outdated records contribute to the primary challenge facing agencies today: increased responsibilities with limited dollars and no additional staff.

Moreover, warrant lists continue to grow, exacerbating the administrative burden facing agencies. Growing lists of outstanding warrants create challenges for the entire criminal justice system:
  • Loss of potential revenue from uncollected fines
  • Large number of potentially unsafe individuals free and in our communities
  • Time and money wasted using manual processes to track down wanted persons
It is likely that an individual’s criminal footprint spans multiple jurisdictions, crossing both county and state lines. Without access to near real-time, nationwide incarceration data, agencies lack crucial investigative data and the opportunity to locate and/or close a large percentage of their warrant lists.

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Federally-Managed Sources of Criminal Justice Data are Helpful, but Incomplete and Slow

Law enforcement can clearly benefit from comprehensive criminal justice data. But there are inherent challenges in collecting incarceration data:

  • Federally-managed incarceration data sources have limitations. These incarceration data sources are limited in scope and timeliness. Despite numerous programs designed to aggregate this data from jurisdictions nationwide, these systems require individual agencies to regularly contribute data.
  • Many records have few personal identifiers. A history of incarcerations can be a powerful investigative tool, but determining relevancy is challenging when the record only contains a name and year of birth.
  • Each jurisdiction treats crime differently. States, counties, and even cities interpret the classification and severity of crime individually. Normalized sources of criminal justice data are rare.
Equifax has decades of experience collecting criminal justice data straight-from-the-source.
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Featured Solution: Justice Intelligence

Data and Analytical Support to Fight Crime and Promote Safety

Access up-to-date incarceration data from thousands of law enforcement agencies nationwide to aid in catching missing or wanted persons. Proactively monitor individual persons of interest or large, targeted populations like most wanted lists, probationers, parolees, and active warrant lists. Near real-time access to data and monitoring helps law enforcement agencies learn more sooner, to solve and prevent crimes.
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Case Studies

Read How We’ve Helped Our Customers in Law Enforcement

Murder suspect located

Tony Hall, a research specialist/analyst with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Information Analysis, Threat Analysis Group, placed a Justice Intelligence watch on the leaders of a gang he was tracking in order to be notified if any of them encountered law enforcement.

Locating unregistered sex offenders

Teresa McKinney, Division Manager of Planning and Development with the Durham County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office, was informed a sex offender had moved into the county but failed to register. An officer searched Justice Intelligence and found another booking of the individual with a home address in a different city.

Monitoring warrant lists

The Carter County (TN) Sheriff’s Office uses Justice Intelligence to monitor their list of outstanding warrants. The solution has reduced warrant-related workload by 30-35% and is now responsible for 30% of all arrest warrants served.
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