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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

We understand the responsibilities that you shoulder every day. You’re concerned about employee-based threats. Theft. Fraud. Embezzlement. Workplace violence. The source of such threats can come from an employee, group of employees, contractor, or vendor. Without an efficient way to monitor criminal activity and other risky behavior, you’re leaving your organization, employees, and customers highly vulnerable. But peace of mind is possible.
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Partnering with CRAs to Bring You Best-in-Class Monitoring Solutions

While important, a pre-hire background check is a snapshot in time. To truly protect your business, reputation, customers, and workforce, employers must monitor employee and contractor risk, in near real time, throughout the duration of employment.  

We have developed the industry’s leading set of timely criminal justice data solutions. Our premier suite of wholesale data solutions enhance CRAs’ pre-hire background checks and continuously monitor high-risk behavior post-hire, giving employers the peace of mind that comes from a proven, reliable data solution for insider risk mitigation. 

We equip background screeners with the information they need to help organizations more effectively mitigate fraud and risk in their workplaces and communities.

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Helping Employers Mitigate Insider Risk Like No Other Solution Can

Equifax has earned a national reputation for the breadth and reliability of solutions that help employers feel more secure with our comprehensive data and analytic expertise. With our Risk Intelligence™ suite of solutions, employers have access to the most robust criminal justice data monitoring solutions available in the industry.

Knowing your enterprise is safeguarded—and your employees and customers protected—enables you to focus on activities that contribute to the success of your organization. 

Risk Intelligence

Through partnerships with the top CRAs in background screening, we give employers access to a broad range of proprietary pre-hire and post-hire solutions. No other suite of solutions in the marketplace is able to keep you better informed regarding employee-based risk at a national level.
  • National criminal file
  • Historical incarceration data
  • Social security trace
  • County court research
  • Medical sanctions and exclusions
  • Post-hire continuous monitoring
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