Mortgage Lenders

Streamline the mortgage verification process with instant verification of employment and income

A Quicker Path to Closing

The Work Number® database, part of the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax, offers verification solutions specifically built for the entire mortgage loan origination process to support a fast, low-friction buyer experience. Learn more about our effortless, digital solutions on

Key Benefits of Mortgage Verification 

The Work Number database provides access to income and employment information that comes directly from employers each pay period. This helps ensure that secure, up-to-date information, as provided by employers, is available to credentialed lenders that need help verifying borrower employment and income for a mortgage. 

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Cost and Time Savings

Help speed the time to close and save money with solutions built for each stage of the mortgage process.

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Process Efficiencies

Help eliminate the hassle of manually collecting pay stubs and W-2s with secure, instant access to income & employment records from more than 2.5 million employers.

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Improved Experience

Make lending decisions with more confidence with fewer demands on the consumer and greater satisfaction.

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Easy-to-Use Integrations

The Work Number is integrated with more than 60 mortgage technology providers enabling a seamless user experience for income and employment verification.

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Learn more about leveraging verification of income and employment through The Work Number, part of the TotalVerify data hub.