A next-generation national criminal search

It's a Nat-Crim, But Better

CrimSmart is a next-generation national criminal search pointer solution designed to help CRAs shrink coverage gaps and reduce unwanted data. CrimSmart enables more intelligent investigations to drive efficiency and cost savings for CRAs.

Uncover More Criminal Records with Greater Confidence

Expand the breadth of your national criminal pointer searches. Our consolidation algorithm enhances person data (PII) by leveraging multiple proprietary data sets. You’ll receive high-confidence results from jurisdictions you may not otherwise receive.

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Waste Less Time and Money Chasing Irrelevant Information 

CrimSmart Premium’s expanded source list and consolidation algorithm “knock-out” results that could lead to an unnecessary county criminal order under typical matching logic. Your team will spend less time on “dead-end” county criminal orders from jurisdictions that provide limited identifiers with a standard nat-crim.

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Offer a Premium, Differentiated Service to Your Customers

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to differentiate your background screening process against your competitors. CrimSmart Premium helps CRAs conduct more thorough and comprehensive background checks. Your customers will notice.

Proven Results

CrimSmart has been tested by large, medium, and small CRAs. Here’s what early live-data tests show:  
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Broader Coverage

For CRAs who do not accept partial DOB matches, premium searches open up nearly 25% more sources over standard nat-crims.  
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More Results

Initial results show up to a 13% increase in high-confidence matches to CRA input data, compared to their previous nat-crim solution.  
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Less Noise

Premium searches can “knock-out” up to 3% results that would otherwise have led to a costly county criminal order.  

A Next-Generation National Criminal Database Solution

CrimSmart is a national criminal search that points CRAs toward high-confidence criminal records for verification in the background screening process. CrimSmart is available in two levels: CrimSmart and CrimSmart Premium

CrimSmart Premium

Access over 2,500 core criminal justice data sources covering U.S. court records, inmate records, sex offender registry, global terrorist watch list, parole and release data and more


Search over 2,800 incarceration data sources

Run pointer summaries of unique names and jurisdictions for efficient investigation and research
Proprietary algorithm provides advanced keying and linking to proprietary PII-rich data to boost high-confidence matches to CRA input data
Automated “knock-out” feature to reduce unwanted data
Access to incarceration details, where available

Get up and running quickly

CrimSmart and CrimSmart Premium can directly integrate with your proprietary software platform. We are also in the process of integrating with the leading background screening platform providers. Reach out to us for an estimated timeline on integration with your platform.

Better Together

CrimSmart can be combined with our address history search pointer solution, TraceSmart, to create a comprehensive name and jurisdiction development solution that surpasses a typical nat-crim alias search. The combined result is obtained by a machine learning model that produces high-confidence tips and leads and outperforms an a la carte pointer workflow. 
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