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Background screeners need a court research partner who can mitigate the risks of court data reliability, customer churn, and high overhead. Our court solutions use automation at the primary source to give clients reduced complexity, a platform to grow their business, and multiple levels of service that help drive accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings. CRAs turn to these solutions of choice for nationwide public record research. This complete suite of Court Research Solutions provides an unmatched combination of automation, flexibility, and scale, giving CRAs a one-source solution for public record research in all fifty states.

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Why Choose Court Research Solutions?

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Court Data is powered by Synaptec™, automating record retrieval.
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Multiple service levels and nationwide coverage give you a foundation to grow your business.

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Our team is here to support your goals. We succeed when you succeed.
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Integrated with the industry's leading platforms.

Service Levels

As part of our Court Research Solutions, we deliver multiple level options for both Court Data Retrieval and Court Research offerings as outlined below.

Court Data Retrieval

Court Data Retrieval levels provide clients with court data information featuring near real-time automated searches at the primary source as well as manual data retrieval.

Court Data Options

  • Auto - robotic process automated retrieval of digitally available court data through Synaptec™ automation platform.

  • Basic - robotic process automation and manual data retrieval to provide wider coverage of court data.

Court Services

Court Services provide clients with court information, court case retrieval, and quality assurance services for court records.

Court Service Options

  • Standard - court records retrieval  includes quality assurance, including 3rd ID retrieval for common names and customer filters based on your needs.

  • Plus - our Standard service, plus enhanced filtering availability based on your needs.

Premium Services

This complete managed services solution can be customized to clients’ needs with special filters and non-standardized services, billed at an hourly rate.

Related Products

CourtSmart helps CRAs solve challenges with processing county criminal records in jurisdictions where PII has been redacted, providing faster turn-around-times and higher confidence in research and investigations. Additional non-reportable data points increase confidence in the review of records to help minimize potential disputes.

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