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A Fresh Approach to Healthcare Screening Services

ProviderSafe™ is a leading set of solutions and services designed to streamline healthcare credentialing and compliance. Compared to competing sources of healthcare screening solutions, ProviderSafe products reduce duplicates and unwanted data, significantly decreasing turnaround time and dead-end investigations.

ProviderSafe equips organizations with a complete package of industry-specific screening tools and services to enhance their healthcare background checks:

  • Sanctions, exclusions, and disciplinary actions: Our solutions provide clean and reliable records. Rather than providing duplicate records that inflate record count, ProviderSafe prioritizes the best and most complete records from the authoritative source.
  • Verification services: All potential matches uncovered from a sanctions, exclusions, or disciplinary actions search or monitoring need to pass a verification/retrieval step. We have a trusted, experienced team that provides verification services.
  • Licensing and certificates: We can verify state licenses, state certificates, DEA registration, non-government certificates, and more. To ensure providers have current and valid credentials to practice, we only perform verifications at the primary source.
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The ProviderSafe Difference

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Less Noise

Deliberately constructed source lists reduce duplicates and ignore unwanted records.
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ProviderSafe solutions are all primary-sourced.
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New data is rapidly added as each primary source updates.

Flexible Implementation Options

In healthcare screening, one size does not fit all. ProviderSafe is built on flexibility and can cater to its customers’ needs. We provide equivalent searches to the most common levels of exclusions and sanctions screening but also offer custom solutions.

  • ProviderSafe search: OIG, SAM, & state Medicaid exclusions
  • ProviderSafe Enhanced search: OIG, SAM, state Medicaid exclusions, Medicare opt-out, and additional federal sources
  • ProviderSafe Premium search: OIG, SAM, state Medicaid exclusions, Medicare opt-out, additional federal sources, and board actions from all 50 states

Monitoring You Can Count On

All ProviderSafe solutions and services are available as part of an overall monitoring package:

  • Providers can be monitored in near real-time for new exclusions, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.
  • License and certificate checks can be completed at a regular, pre-determined cadence.

Validated information is returned quickly, empowering your clients to proactively mitigate risk.


ProviderSafe is powered by Typhoon Data.

Typhoon Data is Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the following credentials verification services:

  • Certification in Medical Board Sanctions
  • Certification in Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions
  • Certification in Ongoing Monitoring of Sanctions
  • Certification in Verification of Licensure
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