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Victims Don't Have to Live in Fear

More than 10 million Americans each year are victims of domestic violence. In many of these cases, re-offending is tragically common. When a victim is in ongoing danger from their abuser, they can receive a protective order from a judge and protect themselves before the abuse happens, not after.

VINE Protective Order™ (VPO) alerts victims to status changes that occur throughout the lifecycle of the protective order, ensuring that victims don’t have to live in fear.

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Get Informed Faster

When a victim’s safety is in question, speed and efficiency can make all the difference. VINE Protective Order keeps petitioners informed and improves efficiency for victim advocates, court personnel, and law enforcement.

Through near real-time notification through VPO, petitioners can get timely information relating to the type of order, court hearing updates, service status, service date, and expiration date (based on information provided directly from the applicable agency).

Victim advocates can access important protective order information quickly through the web or phone, and law enforcement can save time by dramatically reducing the number of petitioner inquiries.

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Through readily available information courtesy of VPO, victims don’t have to worry about what they don’t know.

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Victim Advocates

Advocates can receive timely notifications directly to their phone through VINE Protective Order.

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Law Enforcement

With fewer petitioner inquiries, law enforcement personnel are free to serve the public good in other ways.

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