Victim Safety

Give victims peace of mind through timely offender information

Victims Face New Challenges Every Day

Victims of domestic violence and abuse not only carry with them the trauma of their experience. They also wake up every morning afraid of the possibility of encountering their offender again.

If their offender has been arrested, the individual might make bail, get released, and find them. The unknown can be oppressive, rendering victims always a little wary and robbing them of peace of mind. They don’t always know that they have a fundamental right to be regularly updated about their offender’s incarceration status. They have a right to knowledge and tranquility.

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Survivors Deserve to Be Informed

Victims don’t have to remain afraid of the unknown. VINE™, the nation’s largest victim notification platform, alerts victims when their offender has been released from jail or moved to another facility. Through VINE, victims have access to immediate notifications about their offender’s status and 24-hour support via our call center.

When they stay informed about their offender’s whereabouts, victims don’t have to worry about being re-victimized or wonder whether their safety is at risk.

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VINE allows me to just… be.

Anna Nassett, Emerging International Speaker and Survivor of Stalking and Assault

A Legacy of Keeping Victims Safe

For more than a quarter-century, we have been protecting and informing victims through VINE. In 1993, Mary Byron was killed by her former partner because she was not informed of his release from jail. Since then, VINE has made it its mission to ensure millions of victims all over the United States find empowerment through regular updates about their offender’s incarceration status.

Victims talk about how VINE helps give them their lives back, enabling them to find freedom and agency.


Years of informing victims and keeping them safe


Combined offender and defendant searches in 2021


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States offer VINE as a resource to survivors

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CustomerFirst Center

24/7/365 access to the VINE call center, operated by 80 highly trained victim service professionals

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Victims can register online at for automated notifications for upcoming hearings, date and location changes, postponements, cancellations, and other critical events

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VINELink Mobile App

Automated letter generation, as well as electronic subpoena issuance, are both available on our mobile app

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