Smart Screen™

A breakthrough first step in the criminal background check process

Simplify Your Criminal Background Check Process

Smart Screen helps background screeners, employers, and housing authorities streamline their criminal background check process. 

This screening solution provides a first of its kind FCRA-governed consumer report. It checks for an absence of records in two robust data networks, including an incarceration data network and sex offender registry network. 

A Smart Screen report of "no incarceration or sex offender records found" is a consumer report and may only be used for an FCRA permissible purpose.

Benefits of Smart Screen

Use it as the first step in your criminal background check process to potentially reduce research, time, and effort often necessary to inform criminal background.

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Make decisions faster and speed up time to hire

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Reduce Your Workload

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Simplify Your Screening Processes

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network coverage

Incarceration data network covers approximately


County Jails


State Prison Systems


Records in the Database

Sex offender data network covers approximately


Sex Offender Registries



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