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Smart Screen™ - TenantCheck Government

A breakthrough first step in criminal background screening for housing assistance programs

Simplify Your Tenant Screening Process

Background checks for housing assistance programs can be time-consuming and complex, delaying the application process. Smart Screen - TenantCheck Government helps housing authorities and property managers approve housing assistance applicants faster.

With a simple social security number input, Smart Screen instantly checks two robust data networks for incarceration and sex offender registry records. The solution returns a "no incarceration or sex offender records found" result for candidates who have no associated records in the networks. This can potentially reduce the manual research involved with traditional background screening processes. 

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Smart Screen Plus - TenantCheck Government

Smart Screen Advanced - TenantCheck Government

Searches proprietary incarceration data network


Searches sex offender registry data network


Limit incarceration checks to 7 years from the date you order


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Key Benefits for Public Housing Authorities and Property Managers

Faster Housing Eligibility Determinations

Smart Screen provides the only consumer report of its type that can help move a housing assistance applicant forward within seconds as opposed to traditional methods that may require more documentation or weeks of research.

Reduce Your Workload

Background checks can be a lot of work. Smart Screen can lessen your workload if you use it as your first step. Know which applicants may need more research sooner, and which ones might not.

Streamline Your Processes

We keep it simple. Smart Screen uses a candidate’s social security number to check their identity.

The "no incarceration or sex offender records found" response is a consumer report and is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It may only be used for an FCRA permissible purpose. If the consumer report "no incarceration or sex offender records found"result is not available, you will receive a notification indicating more research is needed. This indication may be provided for various reasons. It is not a consumer report and may not be used for a permissible purpose.

network coverage

Incarceration data network covers approximately


County Jails


State Prison Systems


Records in the Database

Sex offender data network covers approximately


Sex Offender Registries



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