Reduce false positives and customize your searches with unmatched filter options

The Most Extensive and Flexible Choice for Nat-Crim Searches

NCIS™ allows you to search against a world-class nat-crim file built on a proprietary database compiled from multiple sources: court records; incarceration records; prison and inmate records; probation, parole, and release data; arrest data; and more. CRAs can adjust hundreds of filters to customize each nat-crim search to their specifications, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Compared to competing nat-crim files, NCIS contains fresher records, more flexible search filtering, and a powerful algorithm that reduces administrative workload.

  • Set hundreds of filters on your own. Popular filters include adjusting the “strictness” of the proprietary matching algorithm, formatting the DOB format, and choosing to include or exclude null DOBs.
  • NCIS’ similarity and probability scoring algorithm averts obstacles such as misspellings and punctuation, transposition, and applicant fraud.
  • Many nat-crim files have a significant lag before records are updated or added. With NCIS, new records enter the database in 24 hours or less.
  • Each search also includes a 50-state sex offender and global terrorist watchlist screening.
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The NCIS Difference

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Leverage hundreds of adjustable filters and toggles.

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Fewer False Positives

Probability matching and scoring evaluates name variations, improving search accuracy.

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New public records are added to the database in 24 hours or less.

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See our most up-to-date source list at any time.


Combine our nat-crim search with our industry leading SSN Trace, FACT™, using our nat-crim alias solution.

NCIS-Alias reveals maiden names, nicknames, aliases, addresses, and dates of birth; these new data points are then automatically searched through our proprietary NCIS databases.

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