MethCheck is the industry leader for near real-time CMEA compliance, trusted by nearly 50,000 pharmacies nationwide

Log and Track Pseudoephedrine (PSE) Transactions with Power and Efficiency 

After the Combat Methamphetamine Act was passed in 2005, pharmacies had a growing need for a robust, near real-time compliance tool for tracking methamphetamine precursor transactions. We responded by developing MethCheck™ in 2006.

Today, MethCheck is trusted by nearly 50,000 pharmacies for electronically tracking and managing sales of over-the-counter (OTC) cold, flu, and allergy medications containing PSE, a methamphetamine precursor. It’s estimated that MethCheck is currently helping pharmacies and retailers track 80% of PSE transactions nationwide.

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Helping Pharmacies Nationwide Comply with PSE Regulations and Support Staff at the Point of Sale

 Speed Up Transactions

With near real-time electronic logging, MethCheck streamlines transactions to save staff time and facilitate a better customer experience.

Block Illegal Sales of PSE

While MethCheck tracks the amount of PSE individual customers purchase, it also automatically blocks sales that exceed state or local limits set for PSE. That ensures your pharmacy or retail store is compliant with regulations.

See the Bigger Picture: Store to Store & State to State

Gain the advantage of multi-store, multi-state integration to coordinate efforts for blocking illegal PSE purchases with near real-time data at the point of sale.

Diffuse Potential Customer Conflict

When customers are blocked from purchasing a medication containing PSE, MethCheck provides a printable information sheet pharmacy staff can offer to the customer. This can neutralize potential conflict and help the customer understand why the purchase was denied, shifting the blame to state regulations.

Comply with PSE Regulations

MethCheck is engineered to meet your state’s specific PSE regulations, including data formatting and notifications to help ensure you’re compliant with CMEA-related legislation. With the high financial risk for non-compliance, MethCheck helps provide peace of mind, mitigating that risk.

Benefit from Industry Leading Analytics

Get insight into PSE sales metrics, employee sales patterns, and substantiation for reporting with unrivaled, proprietary analytics. Potential collusion between sales staff and customers can be easily identified. And we can customize MethCheck analytics to best address your pharmacy’s metric and reporting needs.

The Methamphetamine Epidemic is One of the Biggest Challenges Facing Communities Across the USA

Millions of Americans rely on OTC cold and allergy medications for their intended use, but a small percentage buys these medications with the illegal intention of manufacturing methamphetamine.

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