TotalVerify From Equifax

Get a clearer picture of individuals to help you perform more efficiently with data insights from our secure data hub.
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Confidence is Key

When you are tasked with life-impacting and business-altering work, confidence is critical. The TotalVerify data hub from Equifax offers a powerful tool to help you get the data you need, available to order in just one location. 

Our multi-faceted data and analytics hub delivers fast results and offers differentiated data and unique datasets through verification, investigation, and monitoring solutions. Our broad product set can help deliver the information you need to build trust, enable safety, verify information, and/or assess people-based risk.

Background Screeners

Provide more effective background checks and post-hire continuous monitoring with Risk Intelligence™.


Help reduce workforce risk with best-in-class monitoring solutions from the leading source of criminal justice data.

Law Enforcement

Access timely, reliable criminal justice pointer data to help drive investigative duties more efficiently. 

Corporate Security

With a proven solution for monitoring insider risk, receive data from the largest incarceration database in the U.S. 

Unemployment Insurance

Help state workforce agencies improve program integrity and reduce beneficiary fraud with access to near real-time, nation-wide pointer incarceration data.


Streamline the car buying process and help buyers get on the road quicker with instant verifications of income and employment.

Consumer Finance

Process loans and make more informed lending decisions with better visibility, expanded data, and easier processes.


Help provide a quicker path to closing and better overall experience with verification solutions built for the entire mortgage loan origination process.
How We HelP

Help Reduce Potential Business and Community Risk

Work more confidently with information from the TotalVerify data hub. See how fast, extensive employment, income, education, criminal, and court data can help you feel more confident in your process.

Drive Efficiency

A single source for multiple data needs helps save time, offers convenience, and helps streamline internal processes. 

A More Complete Picture

Review more comprehensive, multifaceted data for a more holistic view to reduce risk. 

Leading Data-Driven Solutions

Our monitoring solutions support the efforts of government entitlement programs, law enforcement, background screeners, and investigators to help keep our workplaces and communities safe and informed. 

High Quality, Secure, and Private

Deep understanding of our customers’ needs and steadfast dedication to high-quality information, services, and data privacy help us provide knowledge that informs and minimizes risk to both corporations and communities. Respect for individuals is always top of mind.

Featured Solutions

See how being better informed can help drive faster, smarter processes with more confidence, whether the goal is to minimize business risk or make the right people-based decisions based on data. 
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Income and Employment

A clear view of an applicant’s income history, job status, and employment record can help you make verification decisions with confidence. 
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Workplace Safety

Help reduce workforce risk throughout the employee lifecycle with Risk Intelligence monitoring solutions.
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Social Security Verification

Quickly match an individual's name, date of birth, and SSN with information from the Social Security Administration.

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Entitlement Fraud and Overpayments

Provide agencies with valuable pointer incarceration data to prevent, detect, and recover improper payments.

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Education and Certification Verification

Verify information about an individual’s education status with trusted data retrieved from the National Student Clearinghouse.
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Law Enforcement Investigations

Access current incarceration pointer data from thousands of law enforcement agencies to aid in locating missing or wanted persons. 
Featured Resource

Help Mitigate Insider Threat and Help Your Employees with Continuous Monitoring

Read how true continuous monitoring solutions that provide alerts promptly following an incarceration, court appearance, or conviction can encourage consistent, positive communication between employers and their employees.

Ready for a More Complete Picture?

Take the next step and contact us to learn how to leverage data intelligence for smarter work and investigations you can be more confident in.