MobilePatrol is a free app that connects communities to important safety information, news, and critical alerts

MobilePatrol for Law Enforcement

We partner with public safety and law enforcement agencies nationwide so citizens can receive timely access to important safety information in their communities. For law enforcement, staying in touch with the citizens they protect is imperative. MobilePatrol™ helps law enforcement rapidly and conveniently communicate vital public safety information. If you are a member of law enforcement or a public safety official, you get access to a suite of powerful communication tools at no cost! 

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Connect with Your Community

Allow users to see recent bookings into your facility and send alerts regarding your most wanted lists, area sex offenders, or general news and information.

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Solicit Crime Tips From Citizens

Users can submit crime tips straight from their mobile phones, or easily report a sighting of someone that you have placed on your wanted list.

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Publish Updates Easily

Connect with communities, and monitor your outreach with a customized control panel and seamless integration with social media and news outlets.

Download the MobilePatrol App

MobilePatrol is available as a free download for Android and iOS mobile devices. Download the app to start receiving important safety updates.
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MobilePatrol Features

Take a tour of some of MobilePatrol’s most popular features.

Public Safety Notifications

Citizens can register to receive 24/7 push notifications concerning traffic, most-wanted individuals, missing persons, community alerts, school alerts, burn bans, and more.

Crime Tips & Reporting

Citizens can report crime tips and sightings of wanted individuals and missing children to law enforcement. The “Report It” feature can be used to report bullying, crime, harassment, lost pets, nuisance complaints, traffic, and more.

Smart Newsfeeds

Law enforcement agencies can share critical news using the “Smart Newsfeed” feature. High priority alerts appear above general and social media updates.

Public Records

Access up-to-date law enforcement records, such as inmate information, sex offenders, warrants, missing children, and most wanted directly from the source.
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