Smart Screen Plus - TalentCheck Webinar

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Criminal background checks can be time-consuming, complex processes which slow hiring, require costly criminal research and delay start dates for qualified job candidates. Smart Screen Plus - TalentCheck, as part of the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax, leverages an expansive proprietary U.S. incarceration data network to provide an instant ‘no incarceration records found’ consumer report for candidates who have no associated incarceration records within the data network. This enables a quick first step check that may help background screeners spend fewer resources on the manual research often involved with traditional background screening processes. Join Paul Disney, VP Product Management at Equifax Workforce Solutions - Insights at 12 noon ET on August 17, as we introduce this new breakthrough solution to the background screening industry. Krisy Bucher, Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy at Equifax Workforce Solutions - Insights will be moderating the webinar.

Attendees will learn how they can use Smart Screen Plus - TalentCheck to:
  • Help your clients hire faster and speed up the time-to-hire by moving a job applicant forward within seconds as opposed to traditional methods;
  • Reduce the work needed to do additional manual research, saving time and money;
  • Simplify processes by leveraging unique datasets and incorporating consumer identity information, to help reduce manual effort for individuals without incarceration records;
  • Confidently move a process forward using a consumer report