Who We Help

Partnering with public and private sector customers to provide information that helps create efficiencies, improve safety, and reduce risk

Background Screening Companies

Provide your customers with timely information to help keep their workplaces and businesses safe.

Corporate Security

Receive data from the largest incarceration database in the U.S. to help monitor insider risk. 


Explore the industry’s leading set of timely criminal justice data solutions to reduce employee and contractor risk.

Financial Institutions

Quickly verify and process loan applications more effectively with 24/7 access to trusted income and employment data.

Information Service Providers

Help customers complete national background checks with ease for every potential new hire with access to the broadest incarceration database in the U.S.

Entitlement Program Managers

With access to 80% of the nation’s incarceration data, your staff can more efficiently locate ineligible recipients across the U.S.

Federal Agencies

Explore data-driven solutions that help federal agencies make better informed decisions for early response to people-driven risk.

Law Enforcement

We have decades of experience collecting criminal justice data straight-from-the-source to help fight crime and promote safety.


We offer a valuable solution to the challenge of administering SNAP benefits to a population that frequently cycles in and out of incarceration.

Survivors of Crime

Our data helps victims feel calmer and less anxious about being revictimized by providing access to critical offender information that’s reliable and timely. 

Victim Service Providers

We are focused on equipping victim service providers with information to further the healing process and offer an additional layer of help. 

Volunteers and Schools

We partner with hundreds of background screening companies to improve their background checks and help organizations like yours protect your establishment and community.
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