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Quickly verify and process loan applications more effectively with 24/7 access to trusted income and employment data

Consumers Want a Fast, Low-Friction Purchasing Process

With pent-up consumer demand, stockpiled savings, and inventory shortages, many consumers may have the capacity, willingness, and even enthusiasm to buy. As individuals seek new ways to finance purchases of all sizes and fund life’s big moments, it’s important for lenders to leverage data and automation to enable faster, more informed decisions while finding efficient ways to manage risk. 

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More Data Can Help You Make More Confident Lending Decisions

The TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax can help you efficiently serve this growing market with 24/7 access to instant income and employment information through The Work Number® database. Integrated technology powers a frictionless, digital experience to offer the consumer a more positive borrower experience while delivering a clearer picture of applicants to help streamline your approval process. Learn more on

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Exceed Expectations with an Effortless, Digital Verification Solution

Our diverse suite of products helps solve your unique verification challenges so you can make fast, informed decisions, even as consumer needs and industry trends continue to shift. 
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Get Better Visibility

​​​​​​Get a broader understanding of financial history and uncover consumers you may have not seen due to thin credit or no credit files.
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Meet Changing Demands

​​​​​​Keep up with consumers you serve with real-time verification results, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
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Reduce Lending Risk

Ensuring an applicant’s ability to pay upfront can help identify potential red flags earlier, leading to increased decision confidence.
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Streamline Your Process

Increase ease, transparency, and efficiency in your lending process for quicker loan decisions for your consumers and a competitive advantage for your business. 
By the numbers


Active income and employment records from over 2.5 million employers span a variety of industries.


The Work Number database offers credentialed verifiers access to more than 573 million records for verifications of income and employment.


The Work Number database fulfilled 145 million verification requests on behalf of consumers in 2021.
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Discover How to Accelerate Your Lending Process

Speed and consistency can make or break a deal. Find out how The Work Number can help your business get a more detailed picture of applicants, so you can make confident lending decisions more efficiently.