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Help buyers get on the road quicker with instant verifications of income and employment

Instant Income & Employment Data for Auto Lenders

The Work Number®, part of the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax, provides 24/7 verification services to give lenders an immediate picture of the buyer’s potential ability to pay. Faster approval can help the qualified applicant get out on the road more quickly in a vehicle that meets their needs.

Key Benefits of Verification for the Auto Industry

The Work Number database provides 24/7 access and trusted data to help improve efficiency and decision making. Learn how lenders can build business with better visibility, expanded data, and easier processes.
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Instant Verification when Car Buyers Apply

Verifications are available 24/7 to help qualified applicants get on the road faster in the car that meets their needs.
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More Complete Picture of a Buyer’s Ability to Pay

Income and employment verifications push beyond traditional credit data to empower lenders to make decisions with more confidence.
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More Efficient Ways to Manage Risk

Supplementing credit data with income and employment verifications enables lenders to spend more time extending loans to qualified borrowers and pursue new business.
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Frictionless, Digital Experience Benefits Consumers

Automated data solutions help reduce reliance on applicant-provided documentation, alleviating burdens on borrowers.

Connections & Easy-to-Use Integrations

We build relationships with automotive industry technology providers that help allow for a seamless user experience for verifications, such as income and employment verification and verification of education. Learn more about working with Equifax to see if The Work Number service is already integrated with your Loan Origination System or Point-of-sale platform.

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Instant verification of income and employment from The Work Number can help lenders gain a more detailed and extensive picture of a borrower’s financial profile while helping more qualified borrowers gain access to loans


77 million consumers in the U.S. have thin credit files or no credit files.*


52% of auto applicants misrepresented their income by 20% or more.**


Applicants are 36% more likely to be funded when lenders use third-party income and employment verifications in the decision process.*** 


Lenders gain 15% more efficiency using The Work Number®.****

*Equifax analysis of credit activity, 2022; **Equifax Internal Study of The Work Number Data, October 2018-December 2018 United States auto loans. Individual results may vary.; *** "Improving Loan Conversion Rates With Data”; Equifax white paper report; August 2022; ****Equifax Internal Study of The Work Number, December 2018. Individual results may vary.


Equifax offers products tailored to meet the verification needs of the auto industry.

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