School and Volunteer Safety

Guard against organizational risk and malicious threats

Keeping Kids Safe by Empowering CRAs to Provide More Effective Background Checks and Criminal Monitoring

When it comes to vulnerable populations, what you don’t know can hurt you. Yet only half of organizations in the U.S. screen all their volunteers, and of those, just 20% re-screen all volunteers each year.

We are committed to improving the screening practices of schools, religious institutions, and volunteer organizations through its CRA partners. Our suite of data solutions empowers background screeners to improve the thoroughness and confidence in their background check services. Because risk doesn’t end after a volunteer has been vetted once, we power the industry’s leading criminal monitoring pointer solutions, providing alerts on potential new criminal activity among existing volunteer groups.

We're committed to changing the way organizations approach risk and community safety. Through pre-hire background check solutions and post-hire continuous monitoring, we help organizations run more efficient, more secure volunteer programs.

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Identifying Risk Among Prospective and Active Volunteers

Our solution suite is designed to help background screeners uncover key indicators and help you protect those you serve. Select a solution to learn more.

Why Equifax

The TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax offers unique solutions, coupled with our industry expertise, to enable CRAs to improve their services and grow revenue. We’re committed to being a trusted partner to CRAs, never competing for business with their end users.

Risk Intelligence solutions improve efficiency for background screeners and enhance the ability of organizations to keep threats out and monitor threats within.

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