Incarceration Intelligence for Medicaid MCOs

Improve health outcomes, ensure continuity of care, increase efficiencies, and reduce the cost of care for justice-involved beneficiaries.

Product Overview

Our Incarceration Intelligence™ solution gives Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) access to accurate and near real-time data, positively affecting continuity, quality, and cost of care for justice-involved beneficiaries.

This solution is the only health data product for Medicaid MCO operators and clinical care coordinators that addresses the impact of the justice-involved, providing data and notifications relevant to social determinants of health, supporting health equity goals, while saving time and resources.

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Who It Impacts

Compared to the general population, justice-involved populations are at an increased risk of negative health outcomes. Many of those incarcerated require a variety of ongoing behavioral and physical health services to address these issues and strengthen community care.


Higher Rate

Serious Mental Illness


Higher Rate

Substance Abuse Disorders


Higher Rate

Active Tuberculosi, HIV, Hepatitis C

Ensure Better Healthcare and Societal Outcomes with Accurate Data

Medicaid coverage gaps stemming from lack of access to national criminal justice data can often result in detrimental societal and financial consequences. With Incarceration Intelligence data, MCOs can change healthcare outcomes for justice-involved populations.
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Increase continuity of beneficiaries' treatment progress

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Decrease the rate of recidivism

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Reduce rates of emergency room use, death, and suicide

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Positively impact public health and safety


Key Features

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Nationwide Data Coverage

We offer access to nationwide incarceration data, notification options, and a team of experts to implement and support it. 
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Near Real-Time Alerts

With our breadth of data and technical expertise, Medicaid MCOs can address many of the challenges that coincide with incarcerated beneficiaries through near real-time alerts.
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Improved Internal Efficiencies

Incarceration Intelligence eases the administrative burden on MCOs, enabling the establishment of internal process efficiencies, saving both time and resources.

Benefits for MCOs


Update Beneficiary Status & Ensuring Continuity of Care

Medicaid payments can be suspended or terminated when beneficiaries become incarcerated and reinstated upon release--preventing overpayments and lapses in care.

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Lower the Cost of Care Within Your Membership

Our data reduces cost of care for Medicaid beneficiaries by highlighting the costly justice-involved population among your membership. Proactive outreach to members who have recently been incarcerated drives cost savings. When members are referred to appropriate primary care doctors for mental illness or substance abuse disorders instead of showing up in emergency rooms, the cost of care is substantially reduced, and recidivism can be prevented.

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Improve the Quality of Care Within Your Membership

With Incarceration Intelligence, justice-involved Medicaid members will experience improved quality of care and quality of life.

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Increase Your Competitiveness in the MCO Market

Having access to incarceration data can help differentiate your organization. It will enable you to meet requests for proposals (RFPs) and state requirements to serve justice-involved individuals.

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Near Real-Time Monitoring with Incarceration Intelligence

Using our Incarceration Intelligence, MCOs can monitor target populations as they move in and out of incarceration. Timely notifications upon booking can help MCOs identify and coordinate care for justice-involved individuals prior to release. Get immediate alerts on the following:

  • Booking into an incarceration facility
  • Serving a certain length of stay (e.g., 6 months)
  • Release from an incarceration facility
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