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PII Redaction Challenge in U.S. County Courts

Some U.S. state and county courts have made a decision over recent years to remove access to date of birth and other personally identifiable information (PII) from public court records over growing concerns for protection of consumer data.

This has taken effect in counties of California, as well as in counties of Michigan, creating significant obstacles to completing timely and reliable background checks. Negative impacts of this decision on court research providers, background screeners and employers include longer turnaround times, less reliable background checks and delays in hiring decisions.
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Faster and More Accurate Data Linkages with PII You Can Trust

CourtSmart is the newest addition to Equfax’s Court Research Solutions offering for county court searches. 

With the power of automation, CourtSmart helps provide additional context to court records in limited PII circumstances:

  • Date of Birth (DOB) redaction in key jurisdictions
  • Helping screeners achieve faster turnaround times
  • Increased confidence in their research and investigations
A beautifully lit courthouse at night

Why Choose CourtSmart

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CourtSmart utilizes additional proprietary data with broad coverage in the U.S.

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Proprietary robotic process automation minimizes unwanted data and finds records quickly. 

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Our team is here to support your goals. We succeed when you succeed.

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Integrated with the industry’s leading platforms.

Key Benefits for CRAs

CourtSmart helps streamline the background check process:
  • Information from court records is compared against TotalVerify’s proprietary additional non-reportable data to provide "data on data" giving CRAs additional context regarding court record information, which provides a clearer picture of the linkages to retrieved court information
  • Additional non-reportable data points increase confidence in the review of records to help minimize potential disputes 
  • Supplements third ID processes when dealing with common name workflows
  • Potentially reduces costs related to on-site runner and case copy services for cases that may otherwise appear as a match.
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Identifying Risk Among Prospective and Active Volunteers

Our solution suite is designed to help background screeners uncover key indicators and help you protect those you serve. Select a solution to learn more.
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Ready to Learn More?

CourtSmart is currently available to background screeners and it will be expanded into more counties in the U.S. on a continuous basis in 2023. Reach out to your account representative to find out about its availability in your area of interest.