Helping state agencies reduce methamphetamine production

Gain the Efficiency of Near Real-Time, Electronic Data Entry for Tracking Pseudoephedrine (PSE) Sales

The National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx®) is a near real-time electronic logging and compliance system that tracks sales of over-the-counter (OTC) cold and allergy medications containing PSE, precursors to the illegal drug methamphetamine.

NPLEx is available at no cost when states pass electronic tracking legislation to state agencies and its users, including pharmacies, retailers, and law enforcement.

NPLEx was developed to comply with the federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act enacted in 2006. Since then, NPLEx has been utilized by 38 states to comply with methamphetamine precursor legislation, as well as New York and California, voluntarily.

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Using Analytics to Combat Meth Manufacturing

By electronically tracking an estimated 80% of PSE transactions throughout the USA, NPLEx is also a valuable, near real-time tool for law enforcement. NPLEx makes it possible for law enforcement to intervene at the point of sale, taking appropriate action.

With our analytics, they can also monitor persons of interest in near real time to help prevent the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine.

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Aiding Law Enforcement in Preventing Methamphetamine Production

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Get Near Real-Time Notifications & Locate Persons of Interest 

Near real-time alerts notify law enforcement when persons of interest purchase or are blocked from purchasing PSE. NPLEx also helps law enforcement search a secure site to locate known suspects.

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Detect Illegal Purchasing Rings

NPLEx provides automated tools that help law enforcement proactively identify diverters and associated persons leading to the person manufacturing methamphetamine.
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Near Real-Time Monitoring Between Selected Stores

NPLEx Store Feed allows up to 5 stores to be monitored by law enforcement in near real time to help them identify suspicious activity and intervene appropriately.


Since the State of Alabama adopted NPLEx as its approved electronic tracking system, I believe it has made it easier for law enforcement to investigate and proactively fight the “smurfing” situation. I also feel it helps deter many of the people involved in the purchase of pseudoephedrine for illegal purposes.

Scott Kendall, Narcotics Detective - Auburn Police Division

Helping Pharmacies Comply with State Regulations for PSE Transactions

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Get Flexible Integration & Access 

NPLEx can be integrated with a pharmacy’s Point of Sale (POS) platform or accessed via our secure web portal for easy access via computer, laptop, or tablet.

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Streamline PSE Transations & Ensure Compliance

Logging PSE transactions electronically speeds up transaction time and eliminates burdensome paper logs. It means more efficient use of staff time, a better experience for customers, and ensured regulatory compliance.
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Track & Block Overages

NPLEx not only tracks the amount of PSE individuals purchase but also automatically blocks the sale of PSE for compliance with state or local limits. To date, NPLEx has been instrumental in blocking the sale of 29+ million grams of methamphetamine precursors, nationwide.


NPLEx has been a pleasantly easy tool for documenting PSE sales. We no longer need to be concerned about whether the customer has been buying PSE from other sources that day. The scanner has made the process very quick and easy, and the support staff have been very helpful in getting my system up and running.

Phil Colbert, Owner and PIC - Phil’s Pharmacy, Iowa

NPLEx is Helping States Control Precursor Sales Across the USA

Enforcing state and federal laws with near real-time data entry for 120,000+ PSE transactions daily.

Blocked 29+ million grams of illegal PSE sales (end of 2016).

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