How a Faster Hiring Process Improves Business Outcomes

Learn how a faster hiring and recruitment process drives business success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern businesses, smarter recruitment strategies to speed up the hiring process have become a crucial determinant of success. Streamlining hiring process steps not only enables companies to secure the best candidates but also may contribute to a positive work environment and drive overall organizational growth. Amidst the competitive labor markets and changing hiring trends, businesses are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role of efficient recruitment strategies and comprehensive background checks. However, the complexity and time-consuming nature of traditional criminal background screenings often present significant challenges, leading to delayed hiring and heightened competition for skilled candidates.

Current Hiring and Recruitment Trends

The time to hire is increasing for nearly all roles across industries, with statistics showing that employers take an average of 44 days to make a new hire. However, additional research points out that top candidates to fill industry roles are typically only available for 10 days before being hired. With a one-month gap between the average hiring process and availability of top candidates, the need to increase recruitment and hiring swiftly and efficiently is more vital than ever.

Strategies for Swift and Effective Hiring

Implementing practical screening strategies to expedite the hiring process without compromising candidate quality is essential for businesses aiming to stay competitive in an environment that is anything but predictable. Leveraging technology-driven data networks to conduct background screenings can significantly streamline initial recruitment phases, allowing HR professionals to focus their efforts on engaging with appropriate, top-tier candidates that will bolster their workforce.

Additionally, cultivating a strong employer brand and fostering proactive talent-sourcing practices can build a positive reputation that attracts a steady flow of potential candidates, reducing the time spent on candidate sourcing and identification. By implementing structured interview processes and questions and clearly defining job requirements, businesses can efficiently evaluate candidates and expedite the decision-making process.

The Value of Screening Candidates

Effective and reliable prescreening serves as a valuable tool in simplifying the hiring process by providing initial insights into candidates' qualifications and cultural fit within the organization. These screenings enable HR professionals to assess candidates' basic skills and experience, educational and compliance merits, and criminal history—helping them to streamline the recruitment process by identifying suitable candidates early on and filtering out unqualified candidates so they may focus on engaging with the most promising applicants.

And the data supports this. According to a recent study highlighted in Equifax’s The Need for Speed eBook, employers who perform pre-employment verifications using verified data see impressive retention rates over time:

  • 28% increase in six-month retention rates.

  • 45% increase in one-year retention rates.

  • 59% increase in two-year retention rates.

Maintaining High-Quality Hires While Hiring Quickly

Balancing the need for expediency with the requirement for high-quality hires necessitates a strategic and systematic approach. Clearly defining job requirements and outlining essential qualifications are crucial steps in identifying top-tier candidates efficiently. By aligning these criteria with the company's values and culture, businesses can ensure that only the most suitable applicants progress to the subsequent stages of the recruitment process. Integrating comprehensive background checks early in the hiring process can help expedite this process for qualified candidates.

Addressing Hiring Challenges with Smart Screen™ - TalentCheck and the TotalVerify™ data hub from Equifax

Recognizing the challenges posed by time-consuming criminal background checks and the need for accelerated hiring processes, Smart Screen™ – TalentCheck offers two innovative solutions that streamline the verification process and facilitate faster hiring—Smart Screen™ Plus and Smart Screen™ Advanced.

Leveraging the power of a proprietary incarceration data network and sex offender registry data network—incorporating 185 million incarceration database records and over 50 sex offender registries—Smart Screen provides reliable, instant results with the simple use of a candidate’s social security number, enabling employers to move candidates with no history of criminal risk within the incarceration and sex offender data networks quickly in the background check process. This breakthrough approach can significantly reduce the time-to-hire and eliminate the need for additional manual research, thereby simplifying the overall recruitment process and saving HR teams both valuable time and financial resources.

Smart Screen - Talent Check is a part of the TotalVerify data hub from Equifax. In addition to Smart Screen - Talent Check, TotalVerify provides employers and background screeners quicker access to differentiated datasets and services to help employers quickly verify employment history, educational history, identification and more to help expedite your hiring processes.

Ready to Accelerate Your Hiring Strategies?

The hiring process can be challenging. But by embracing efficient hiring strategies and leveraging innovative solutions like Smart Screen, businesses can streamline their hiring processes, reduce time-to-hire, and help ensure the acquisition of the most qualified candidates. With the integration of advanced technology and comprehensive background checks, companies can position themselves for success and foster a dynamic and competitive workforce in today's rapidly evolving business environment.

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