Simplify Your Background Screening Process

Smart Screen™ - TalentCheck leverages consumer identity information, a nationwide incarceration data network, and sex offender registry data network to deliver a “no incarceration or sex offender records found”output, where possible. This empowers you to move an applicant with no incarceration records or sex offender records in the network forward in the background screening process with confidence, where adequate coverage exists.
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Make Decisions Faster

Smart Screen is the only consumer report of its type that can help move forward an applicant within seconds as opposed to traditional methods that may require weeks of research.
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Reduce Work

You can run a Smart Screen- TalentCheck first to help estimate impact to downstream work and cost by helping to potentially reduce additional research often necessary to inform criminal background.
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Simplify Processes

Leverages unique datasets and incorporates consumer identity information, alongside the consumer report output, where possible, to help reduce manual effort for cases that include individuals without incarceration records or sex offenders in the network.
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Governed by the FCRA

A "no incarceration or sex offender records found" response is a consumer report and is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It may only be used for an FCRA permissible purpose.