100% automated court record retrieval

Put the Power of Court Research Automation to Work for You

CRAs looking to succeed in a competitive market need the right mix of human expertise and automated processes to deliver value and timely services to their clients. Synaptec™ provides cloud-based, near real-time public record retrieval from more than 3,700 court-authorized sources.  

Synaptec improves operational efficiency by extracting near real-time records directly from the court-authorized source. Our proprietary robotic process automation (RPA) technology leverages sophisticated search patterns and customizable filters to deliver results how you want them.  

Synaptec automates the most time-consuming element of court research, cutting down on turnaround time and expenses without robbing you of control.

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Why Choose Synaptec

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Access more than 3,700 fully automated court sites.

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Proprietary robotic process automation minimizes unwanted results and finds records quickly.

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Synaptec can be purchased as a standalone solution or leveraged within our broader court research services.

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Our team is here to support your goals. We succeed when you succeed.

Single-Source Solution

Synaptec is available as a standalone solution or as part of a more comprehensive service:

  • Our Data Only service augments Synaptec automated record retrieval with our on-site court runner network to provide comprehensive coverage in every U.S. county.  
  • Our Standard QA and Enhanced QA service levels add additional levels of quality assurance to help you meet and exceed client-specified guidelines and differing regulatory environments. These service levels are set by you, and allow us to cater to your needs.
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Get Near Real-Time Records Directly from the Court-Authorized Source 

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