Asset View™

The verification of assets (VOA) solution helps provide lenders with an extensive view of potential borrowers’ bank assets and investments to help streamline the completion of the underwriting process.

Extensive View of Borrower Assets

By reviewing Asset View data in conjunction with information available from Equifax credit reports and income and employment verifications, lenders gain a more complete view of a borrower’s financial capacity.

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Automated and Streamlined Asset Verification Service

Asset View was designed to simplify the loan origination process to help lenders address the service demands of digital-native consumers.

Improve Mortgage Risk Decisions

Digital asset verification helps improve performance by providing up-to-date data on account balances before closing.

Improve Borrower Experience

Help simplify the application process for your borrower by accessing bank transaction data digitally instead of manually by requesting and gathering hard documents.

Efficient Processing and Quick Turn Times

Automates and streamlines the verification process by delivering results efficiently with minimal input.

Meet Closing Deadlines

The ability to update or add additional accounts makes changes quick and easy for both lenders and borrowers to help keep closing dates on track.

Key Features of Asset View

Asset View streamlines verifications for both lenders and borrowers making the mortgage process easy and efficient.

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Consumer Consented Asset Data

Access up-to-date consumer consented asset data from thousands of financial institutions.

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Consumer Report Data

Data provided through Asset View is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Such consumer report data may be used for home purchase and refinance applications for credit evaluations.

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Easy to use for consumers and mobile ready.

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Unlimited Refresh on Account Balances for Up to 60 Days

Unlimited refresh on account balances for up to 60 days providing the most up-to-date data. 

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Multiple Account Views

Bank, investment, 401k accounts and more may be available.

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Near Total Coverage on All Banking Activity

Automates and streamlines the verification process by delivering results efficiently with minimal input.*

*Source: Envestnet/Yodlee

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